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Hotel New Otani Tokyo opened in 1964 to accommodate guests visiting our city for the 18th Olympic Games. Since then, it has led the hotel industry in our country, serving as the main venue for three G7 Summit meetings and numerous other international events, welcoming heads of state and dignitaries from around the world.
Housing a diverse selection of 1479 guest rooms, 33 banquet venues, 37 restaurants and bars, a 400-year-old Japanese garden, and much more on a vast 16-acre expanse, Hotel New Otani Tokyo offers first-class service and hospitality and the best platform to lead your event to success.

Banquet Rooms

A total of 33 banquet rooms of various sizes cater to any event, from international conventions to small gatherings.

Guest Rooms

An impressive lineup of 1479 rooms welcome guests at EXECUTIVE HOUSE ZEN, The Main building, and Garden Tower, each with their own unique feature.

Restaurants & Bars

A selection of 37 restaurants and bars offer diverse dining experiences including Japanese, Western, and Chinese cuisines.

Japanese Garden

The hotel's 10-acre Japanese garden boasts a history of more than 400 years, and in the past has been the property of prominent samurai lords.


Conveniently located in the center of the city, Hotel New Otani Tokyo is ideal for business travelers and tourists alike. The four stations on six railway lines within walking distance provide good access to major facilities throughout Tokyo.

Hotel New Otani Tokyo

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Safeguards Against COVID-19 for MICE Events

Ventilation in Our Banquet Rooms

Tsuru, Fuyo, and , the three largest banquet rooms at Hotel New Otani Tokyo, have high ceilings (4.2m to 7.6m) and large volumetric capacities, and are thus equipped with air-conditioning facilities that are approximately threefold in terms of ventilation performance compared to normal office buildings. In each one of these three venues, the air is exchanged in whole every 15 to 30 minutes. In addition, Fuyo is equipped with a unique Streamer Technology Air Purifier, which has proven to be effective in negating hazardous substances such as bacteria , etc.

Streamer Technology
Streamer is a discharge technology developed by Daikin Industries, Ltd, which has a wider discharge range than conventional glow-discharge air filters, and achieves an oxidative decomposition speed over 1,000 times faster than conventional air filters. 

Our three large banquet rooms with enhanced ventilation capacities

Fuyo (Banquet fl, The Main bldg)

Floor space: 1,124 m2 / ceiling height: 7.6 m

AC unit: 3 (one each in East, Center, and West area)
Air change frequency: 2.8 times per hour

Tsuru (Banquet fl, The Main bldg)

Floor space: 1,992 m2 / ceiling height: 5.7 m

AC unit: 2 (one each in East and West area)
Air change frequency: 2.5 times per hour

 (Banquet fl, Garden Tower)

Floor space: 722 m2 / ceiling height: 4.2 m

AC unit: 1
Air change frequency: 5.0 times per hour




Other mid- and small-sized venues also offer means of fresh air intake.

We are now proposing seating layouts that offer physical space among guests of one meter plus.

Suggested layouts

  For a seated dinner in banquet room Hō (722m2)