Sukiyaki/Shabu Shabu


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Okahan, located in the far end of the Lobby floor in the Main building, serves traditional Japanese "sukiyaki", "shabu shabu" and "oil yaki" (Japanese steak), using top quality beef and carefully selected fresh Japanese vegetables. "Sukiyaki" is one of Japan's most famous dishes. Experienced chefs will cook thin slices of beef with vegetables in our special blend of soy sauce and sugar. "Shabu shabu" uses boiling "dashi" soup to cook thin slices of beef with vegetables which are then dipped in our special sauces of creamy sesame and vinaigrette-flavored "ponzu" sauce. Our expert chefs will personally cook your meal at your table.

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Basic Info

Hours, etc, are likely to change due to the situation of COVID-19. Please see here for the most current information.

Hours Lunch 11:30am - 2:00pm
Dinner 5:00pm - 8:30pm
Seats 50
Location Lobby fl, The Main bldg


Lunch    ¥3,850 and up
Dinner Course ¥8,800 and up
a la Carte ¥7,700 and up
  • Prices include tax. Service charge (lunch 10%, dinner 15%) will be added to your bill.

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