Japanese Cuisine (Kaiseki)


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NADAMAN boasts a long history of offering its patrons distinctive Japanese "kaiseki" cuisine, acclaimed for its exquisite presentation and delicate taste.
NADAMAN "Sazanka-so", widely known as the NADAMAN headquarters, opened in 1830 as the very first restaurant operated by this now esteemed establishment. It sits peacefully behind the trees and foliage of the hotel's 400-year-old Japanese Garden.

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Feature of private rooms

  Private Rooms Space Capacity
1 Hanakiri no Ma 33m2 6-22 persons
2 Aoi no Ma 23.1m2 4-8 persons
3 Murasaki no Ma 9.9m2 2-4 persons
4 Akane no Ma 14.8m2 4-6 persons

All rooms are furnished in "Horigotatsu"-style, which is a seating arrangement of low tables on Japanese tatami floors with sunken areas beneath for comfortable leg room.


Kaiseki is the most formal style of Japanese cuisine, usually eaten in high-class restaurants on special occasions. The word Kaiseki originates from Buddhist priests in Zen training, who placed hot stones, "seki", in the pockets of their robes, "kai", to help them bear their fasting. Using the freshest ingredients of the season and prepared with subtle seasonings to enhance their flavors and textures, each dish is an elaborate presentation of sublime simplicity.
The following is an example of a Kaiseki-style course meal offered at NADAMAN "Sazanka-so".

SAKIZUKE (Appetizer eaten with sake)
ZENSAI (Appetizer)
SUIMONO (Clear soup)
TSUKURI (Mainly sashimi)
NIMONO (Simmered dish)
YAKIMONO (Broiled fish)
SUNOMONO (Vinegared dish)
GOHAN (Rice)
TOMEWAN (Miso soup)
KOUNOMONO (Assorted pickled vegetables)
KANMI (Japanese dessert and tea)

Basic Info

Hours Lunch 11:30am - 3:00pm (last entry 1:00pm)
Dinner 5:00pm - 9:00pm (last entry 7:00pm)
Seats 4 private tatami rooms
Reservation required 3 days or more in advance
Menu Lunch & Dinner courses are in Kaiseki-style and items will change according to the season.
Please contact the restaurant for further information.
Location Japanese Garden

*Guests must be 13 years or older on weekday evenings.


Lunch ¥28,600 and up
Dinner ¥37,400 and up

*Prices include private room charge, tax, and service charge.

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