Japanese Cuisne/Tempura

紀尾井 なだ万


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From traditional Japanese cuisine to Kioi NADAMAN specialties, this famous Japanese restaurant has continuously strived to offer new culinary creations to its patrons for many years. Renovated in 2001, NADAMAN boasts a generous view of the Japanese Garden and offers new recipes on a monthly basis, each reflecting the changing seasons of the year.

Private room details

All Japanese tatami rooms are in "horigotatsu" style, where sunken areas are made under the tables for comfortable leg room. Western rooms have table and chair settings.

  • A private room for up to 40 persons is also available.
Private Rooms Space Capacity Room charge
Japanese Tatami Room
9.6m2 2-3 persons ¥7,700 for 2 hrs.
Matsu & Take
Japanese Tatami Rooms
11.5m2 4-6 persons ¥7,700 for 2 hrs.
Japanese Tatami Room
15.3m2 4-10 persons ¥11,000 for 2 hrs.
Ran & Kiku
Western Rooms
22.8m2 4-10 persons ¥5,500 for 2 hrs.
Ran + Kiku
Western Room
41.8m2 10-24 persons ¥11,000 for 2 hrs.


The minimum order requirement for private rooms is as follows:

Lunch Tatami rooms Weekdays ¥9,900 and up
Weekends & holidays ¥14,300 and up
Western rooms Weekdays ¥9,900 and up
Weekends & holidays ¥14,300 and up
Dinner Tatami rooms ¥17,600 and up
Western rooms ¥14,300 and up
  • All prices, including room charge, include tax and are subject to a service charge.

Lunch Menu

Kaiseki Lunch Course ¥7,700
Tempura "Gozen" Lunch ¥6,050
Tempura on Rice ¥4,620

Dinner Menu

Kaiseki Dinner Course ¥14,300 and up
Bento-style Dinner ¥8,250
Tempura Dinner Course ¥9,350 and up
Wagyu Steak "Gozen" Dinner ¥10,450

Kaiseki Cuisine

Kaiseki cuisine is the most formal style of a Japanese meal, usually eaten in high class restaurants on special occasions. The word Kaiseki originates from Buddhist priests in Zen training, who placed hot stones, "seki", in the pockets of their robes, "kai", to help them bear their fasting. Using the freshest ingredients of the season and cooked in ways that enhance their original flavors, each course is simply seasoned and delicately presented in exquisite dishes. The following is an example of a traditional Kaiseki meal structure.

Shiizakana (Appetizers eaten with sake)
Mukouzuke (Mainly sashimi)
Kuchitori (Side dish)
Suimono (Soup)
Nimono (Simmered dish)
Aemono (Dishes dressed with sauce)
Kounomono (Pickles)
Hassun (Morsels from the mountains and the sea)
Sunomono (Vinegared dish)
Yakimono (Broiled fish)
Mushimono (Steamed dish)
Nabemono (Pot dish)
Miso soup  
Dessert (eg. Ice cream)

Basic Info

Hours Breakfast 7:00am - 10:00am
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Lunch 11:30 - 2:30pm (last orders 2:00pm)
Dinner 5:00pm - 9:00pm (last orders 8:00pm, 7:30pm for kaiseki courses)
Seats 134
Smoking No smoking in restaurant.
Location Lobby fl, Garden Tower


Breakfast ¥3,300
Lunch ¥4,620 and up
Dinner ¥8,250 and up
  • Prices include tax. Service charge will be added to your bill.

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