Patisserie SATSUKI

Bread & Cake


Patisserie SATSUKI

Reservation Tel.03-3221-7252

A generous variety of original pastries and bread created by our Executive Chef, Shinsuke Nakajima are available at the take out corner. They can also be enjoyed at coffee shop SATSUKI.


Sample some of the delectable pastries and desserts created by our Executive Chef, Shinsuke Nakajima. Below are just a few items from his collection, all of which are available from Patisserie SATSUKI as take-away, or from the dine-in menu at Coffee Shop SATSUKI.

  • Super Melon Shortcake
  • Super Shortcake (Strawberry), seasonal item
  • Super Fruitcake
  • Pure Extra "Mamekan" (sweet red beans with agar cubes)
  • Napoleon (strawberry mille-feuille)
  • Mont Blanc (chestnut cake)
  • Gâteau au Chocolat

Basic Info

Hours 11:00am - 8:00pm
Reservations In Japan: 03-3221-7252
Location Lobby fl, The Main bldg


Cakes ¥594 and up
Bread ¥216 and up

* Prices include tax.

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