The Serviced Apartments
at Hotel New Otani Tokyo
ホテルニューオータニ サービスアパートメント

The Serviced Apartments at Hotel New Otani Tokyo

Serviced Apartments

Enjoy extended stays at one of the most esteemed hotels in the center of Tokyo,
with a verdant Japanese Garden onsite.


About the Serviced Apartments at Hotel New Otani Tokyo

Enjoy the luxuries of living in a hotel in the center of Tokyo, with essential housekeeping services.
The Garden Tower affords breathtaking views with a wide range of room types from standard rooms to suites, offering packages for 6, 12, and 30 nights.
The hotel complex houses 37 restaurants and bars, as well as shopping and fitness facilities to enrich your stay.


Service Room
A "Service Room" equipped with microwave oven, toaster oven, and delivery box is available on each of the Moderate and High floors.
A laundromat is available on each of the Moderate and High floors.
*Not available for "Shin-edo" Residence rooms.
Each room on the High floor and the "Shin-edo" Residences is equipped with a refrigerator (with freezer).
Washing/drying machine
All "Shin-edo" Residence rooms and suites (excluding the SOHO suite) are equipped with an in-room washing/drying machine.


Free parking (advance registration required)

Complimentary use of one indoor parking space for the duration of your stay. Car wash service is also available for a fee.

  • Available for one registered vehicle per room, free of charge for the duration of your stay.
  • Specific parking spaces cannot be reserved.
  • Not available for cars over 2 meters high. Cars with low vehicle height may also be excluded.

Workout Room

Workout rooms equipped with training machines are available free of charge. (21st floor, Garden Tower/3rd floor, The Main bldg.)

New Otani Club Lounge

Guests have access to the New Otani Club Lounge in the Garden Tower (21st floor) that is otherwise exclusively reserved for staying New Otani Club members.

Open: 8:00am-4:00pm (Breakfast Service 8:00am-10:00am, last entry 9:30am)
Menu: Continental breakfast and beverages

  • Only available to guests staying in the serviced apartments.
  • Please refrain from accompanying visitors who are not staying in the serviced apartments, or guests staying in rooms other than the serviced apartments.
  • Use is limited to guests 12 years and older.

Workspace at Business Center

Guests may use the computers and printers in the Business Center (3rd floor, The Main bldg). Internet access also available.

Discount for laundry service

Laundry service (washing/dry cleaning/pressing) is available at a 50% discount of the regular rate.

  • Express service surcharge is calculated based on the regular rate.
    (Surcharge is waived for NOC members.)



THE GOLDEN SPA NEW OTANI (Members-only sports club)
(3rd floor, Garden Tower)

♦ Visitor's fee ¥5,500
Guests staying in the serviced apartments may use the gym, swimming pool, and sauna for a visitor fee.

  • Visitor's fee for NOC members ¥4,400
  • We regret that guests with tattoos are not admitted.
  • Spa guests must be 18 years or older.
  • Admission may be restricted to avoid overcrowding.

♦ Special Monthly Membership ¥44,000 per person
Special monthly memberships are available for guests staying in the serviced apartments.

  • Enrollment procedure at the Golden Spa is required.
  • Monthly membership fee is required in full for guests joining in the middle of the month.
  • Upon enrollment, guests must agree to the Golden Spa New Otani membership terms and conditions.
  • Enrollment is open to those 18 years and older. We regret that guests with tattoos may not enroll.
  • Use is limited to the member himself/herself.
  • Admission may be restricted to avoid overcrowding.
  • The Special Monthly Membership does not include access to the Members' Bar.
  • A separate application is required for guests wishing to continue their membership after their stay. (A certificate of seal impression and necessary forms for automatic bank transfers must be submitted.)

Room Service Subscription Package

Room Service Subscription Package

Items are selectable from the Subscription Package menu.
Fees (per person)
¥39,600/6 days, ¥75,000/30 days
(tax/service charge included)

  • Hours: 11:00am-10:00pm
  • Subscriptions are required for all guests staying in the same room.
  • Meals for visitors will be charged separately.
  • Orders are limited to one item at a time, three times per day.
  • Please inform staff that you are ordering from the "Subscription Menu".
  • Type of package cannot be changed during the subscription period. Subscription period shall be terminated at the end of your stay, and no refunds will be made for mid-term cancellations.
  • Photos are for illustration purposes only.
  • Please inform us upon ordering if you have any food allergies or restrictions.
  • Please be acknowledged that all our dishes are prepared in the same kitchen using the same cooking utensils, and the possibility of cross-contamination of various allergens cannot be completely eliminated.
    [More information on the menu is available here.]

Room Types & Rates


  Room Type Size (m²) PAX 6 Night Package 12 Night Package 30 Night Package Extended stays (per night)
Moderate Floor Standard 27.3 1 or 2 ¥150,000 / ¥162,000 ¥240,000 / ¥264,000 ¥360,000 / ¥390,000 ¥25,000 / ¥27,000
39.7 1 or 3 ¥210,000 / ¥222,000 ¥336,000 / ¥360,000 ¥510,000 / ¥540,000 ¥35,000 / ¥37,000
Deluxe 50.2 1 to 3 ¥288,000 ¥420,000 ¥600,000 ¥48,000
61.1 1 to 4 ¥300,000 ¥468,000 ¥660,000 ¥50,000
High Floor Deluxe 50.2/60.9 1 to 3 ¥312,000 / ¥372,000 ¥504,000 / ¥600,000 ¥750,000 / ¥900,000 ¥52,000 / ¥62,000
56.0 1 or 2 ¥348,000 / ¥360,000 ¥564,000 / ¥588,000 ¥840,000 / ¥870,000 ¥58,000 / ¥60,000
Garden Tower Suite 74.7 1 to 4 ¥540,000 ¥900,000 ¥1,350,000 ¥90,000
SOHO Suite 83.3 1 to 4 ¥600,000 ¥1,020,000 ¥1,500,000 ¥100,000
Garden Tower Count Suite
Garden Tower Queen Suite
88.4 1 or 2 ¥660,000 / ¥720,000 ¥1,104,000 / ¥1,200,000 ¥1,650,000 / ¥1,800,000 ¥110,000 / ¥120,000
“Shin-Edo” Residence Deluxe 55.0 1 or 2 ¥2,008,500 / ¥2,190,000 ¥66,950 / ¥73,000
“Shin-Edo” Residence Suite 77.0 1 or 2 ¥2,807,100 ¥93,570
  • The above rates include service charge and taxes.
  • Room cleaning is provided by the house keeper on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. In-room amenity items will not be replenished.
    (Any additional cleaning other than on the days given above will be subject to separate charges.)
  • The following cancellation fee will apply after the reservation is completed.
    Moderate/High Floor: 30 to 21 days before arrival - 10% of room rate for entire reservation period, 20 to 10 days - 20%, 9 to 3 days - 30%, 2 days - 50%, the day before - 80%, day of arrival/No-show - 100%
    "Shin-edo" Residence rooms: 30 to 22 days before arrival - 50%, 21 to 15 days - 80%, 14 days before to the day of arrival/No-show - 100%
  • A security deposit is required for stays of 30 nights or more (equivalent to 30 nights charge).
  • There is no refund if you check out before the end of your scheduled check-out date.
  • Reservations may be made for up to one year (360 days) and are available 90 days in advance.


Details regarding use of Serviced Apartments

Please read the Information Regarding Use of Serviced Apartments from the link below before making your reservation.

Information regarding use of serviced apartments

Hotel Facilities

The hotel offers various facilities and services to enrich your stay.



Hotel New Otani Tokyo

4-1, Kioi-cho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 102-8578, JAPAN
TEL. +81-3-3265-1111
FAX. +81-3-3221-2619

By train

Station Line Exit Required time on foot
Akasaka-mitsuke Stn. Subway Ginza Line
Subway Marunouchi Line
Exit D 3 minutes
Nagatacho Stn. Subway Hanzomon Line
Subway Namboku Line
Exit #7 3 minutes
Kojimachi Stn. Subway Yurakucho Line Exit #2 6 minutes
Yotsuya Stn. JR Chuo / Sobu Line
Subway Marunouchi Line
Subway Nanboku Line
Kojimachi or
Akasaka Exit
8 minutes

By taxi

  • Kasumigaseki Exit, Shuto Expressway
  • 10 min
  • Gaien Exit, Shuto Expressway
  • 10 min
  • Tokyo Stn.
  • 15 min (taxi fee around ¥1,500)
  • Shinjuku
  • 20 min (taxi fee around ¥1,700)
  • Shibuya
  • 20 min (taxi fee around ¥1,800)
  • Ginza
  • 15 min (taxi fee around ¥1,400)
  • Roppongi
  • 15 min (taxi fee around ¥1,400)
  • Shinagawa
  • 25 min (taxi fee around ¥3,000)
  • Akihabara
  • 20 min (taxi fee around ¥2,000)
  • Asakusa
  • 30 min (taxi fee around ¥3,500)
  • 35 min (taxi fee around ¥4,000)
  • Tokyo Disney Resort®
  • 40 min (taxi fee around ¥8,000)

* Times and taxi fares are approximate and depend on traffic or may be delayed.

Hotel New Otani Tokyo

Please show the following instructions to your driver.

Take me/us to Main entrance of Hotel New Otani Tokyo,please.
Take me/us to Main entrance of Hotel New Otani Tokyo, please.


Parking space is available in The Main bldg and Garden Tower. (760 spaces total)
Parking fee: ¥500/30 min (tax inclusive)

  • Parking fee waived for staying guests.
  • Parking vouchers available for restaurant guests and banquet attendees (subject to paid amount or event duration).

Downloadable Maps (PDF files)