Safety Measures

Disaster Control and Security Measures at Hotel New Otani Tokyo

Hotel New Otani Tokyo is committed to protecting the safety of our guests. In case of a fire, the hotel’s Disaster Control Center is immediately alerted and will work together with the local fire department as necessary. Our in-house fire-fighting unit is on call 24 hours a day, and together with security personnel, will handle initial fire extinguishing and provide evacuation instructions.

Measures against fires and other emergencies

Our buildings meet all necessary fire- and quake-resistance standards (Building Standards Act, Fire Service Act, and Act for Promotion of Renovation for Earthquake-Resistant Structures), are built and furnished with fire-resistant materials wherever possible, and strategically compartmentalized to prevent the spreading of fires.

Computerized monitoring around the clock

Our Disaster Control Center is manned by security personnel 24 hours a day, and the whole complex is monitored by a computerized central monitoring system.

In-house fire-fighting unit

A team consisting of trained employees is on call around the clock and will escort all guests safely and promptly in case of an emergency.

Hovering pad

The rooftop of The Main bldg and Garden Court is designed to allow hovering of helicopters in case of emergencies.

Disaster prevention facilities

The number of sprinklers, smoke detectors, auxiliary sillcocks/hydrants, extinguishers, fire doors/shutters, smoke exhaust mechanisms, emergency lights equipped throughout the complex exceeds the standards defined by the Building Standards Act and Fire Service Act.


Rounds by security personnel
In-house security guards as well as specialists from a security contractor make rounds within the complex around the clock.

Video monitoring system

Surveillance cameras are installed at all entrances and other key locations of the complex, allowing 24-hour monitoring from the Disaster Control Center.

In case of an emergency

Communication channels
In the case of a fire or earthquake, 

Updates on the situation and evacuation routes will be announced over the hotel’s PA system.

Alert function of guest room phone

When your guest room phone is off the hook for 20 seconds or longer, an emergency alert is sent to the Operator and relevant sections, prompting actions to be taken to deal with the situation.

Emergency number
Call 📞84 for the Assistant Manager or 📞9 for the Operator in case of an emergency.