How can I become a New Otani Club member?
1. Click to apply for membership via our web site now. Click here to begin.
2. Request an application for membership to be sent to you.
Please contact a New Otani Sales office or the nearest New Otani Hotel. Click here to begin.


What is the difference between an international member and a Japanese member?
1. International members are given member cards without credit function.
2. Japanese members must live in Japan.
3. Japanese members cards will also function as credit cards, thus certain entrance criteria must be met.
How can I update any changes I might make, i.e., change of job, new address, phone number, etc. or report the loss of my card?
Simply follow steps on our easily navigated web site.


Can I use my membership card as a credit card?
International members cards are used for identification purposes only.
They may not be used as credit cards.
I am already a registered member, but would like to acquire a card for my family.
The International club does not issue family or group cards. If you would like your family member to become a New Otani Club International member, please visit our web site and apply for each individual member.
How do I report a lost or stolen card?
Rest assured . Your information will be promptly attended to as soon as we receive your notification by email. Please check our web site.


Are there different levels within your membership, i.e. silver and gold?
No, we have elected all New Otani Club members as gold card carriers. We intend to treat every New Otani Club member with privileges and hospitality due a gold card member.

New Otani Club Point Program

I am already a New Otani Club member. Do I need to revise my membership, make new registrations or applications? Do I need to have my card reissued?
There is no need to make any changes. Your present membership card remains valid and continues to be at service.
If I receive aesthetic treatments in the hotel and ask for the payment to be charged to my room, are those treatment charges subject to New Otani Club Points?
Not unless aesthetic treatment is included in the accommodation package.
If a New Otani Club member makes a reservation for friend or family and pay for accommodation, without the member him/herself staying at the hotel, will New Otani Club Points be awarded for the payment?
No. New Otani Club Points are awarded ONLY WHEN THE MEMBER HIM/HERSELF STAYS at the hotel
When two New Otani Club members stay together in a twin or double room with JPY 42,000 rate, and pay JPY 21,000 each by cash or credit card, will each member receive New Otani Club Points respectively?
No. New Otani Club Points are awarded to each room, not to each member. The New Otani Club member who made the reservation receives New Otani Club Points for the payment of JPY 42,000.
When two New Otani Club members dine at a designated restaurant together for a charge of JPY 10,000 and pay JPY 5,000 each by cash or credit card, will each member receive New Otani Club Points respectively?
Yes. New Otani Club Points are awarded in accordance with each restaurant or bar billing. Each New Otani Club member who has made payment for JPY 5,000 will receive New Otani Club Points for the payment.
Are there any other items to be redeemed other than the Point Program Hotel Reward Certificate?
No. Only Point Program Hotel Reward Certificate of JPY 5,000 can be redeemed for New Otani Club Points.


When I make a reservation, should I notify someone that I am a member?
1. Yes, please. In order to take advantage of any special offers and privileges, you must tell the clerk handling your reservation, either via phone or fax your New Otani Club membership number.
2. If you are making a reservation via our web site, you will need to enter your New Otani Club membership number in the space provided.
3. When enjoying the services at our restaurants or bars, please present your New Otani Club card at the entrance.
Can I use my New Otani Club card to guarantee my reservation?
No, you must guarantee your reservation with a credit card or a cash deposit.
Your New Otani Club member card does not function as such.