Reward Certificates

Redeem 5,000 New Otani Club POINTS and receive a ¥5,000 REWARD CERTIFICATE!
This CERTIFICATE is valid for accommodations and dining at DESIGNATED HOTELS, RESTAURANTS AND BARS.
 *Not valid outside Japan.

  • This certificate may be used for payment of accommodation or dining.
  • Not eligible as deposit or payment at a later date.
  • Not valid for purchasing cash vouchers, gift certificates or tickets of any kind.
  • User name, card number and valid date on the front and registration number at the bottom of this page must be correctly filled in.
  • Families or friends of New Otani Club members are also eligible to use this certificate.
  • Cannot be exchanged for cash.
  • No change given even if total bill amounts to less than ¥5,000.
  • Cannot be reissued for any reason, including loss or theft.
  • Buying and selling of this certificate is prohibited
  • New Otani Club Points will not be awarded for the amount paid with this certificate.
  • Designated hotels, restaurants and bars are subject to change.
  • Receipt will not be issued for the amount paid with this certificate.