Guidelines Regarding Use of Social Media Services

New Otani Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “New Otani”) requires all users (hereinafter referred to as “Users”) of official Social Media managed by New Otani (hereinafter referred to as “Social Media”*) to read and agree to the Guidelines Regarding Use of Social Media Services (hereinafter referred to as the “Guidelines”) as defined below.
*Such Social Media include, but are not limited to, New Otani's official website, Twitter, facebook, Instagram, and LINE accounts, blogs, and YouTube channel.


  1. Compliance with respective terms of service and the Guidelines
    All Users of Social Media are required to comply with the terms of service of each such Social Media as well as the Guidelines as defined herein.
  2. Management
    Each such Social Media will be managed by New Otani, and are subject to be terminated or deleted without prior notice.
  3. Replies and inquiries
    1) New Otani may only reply to some of the comments posted to such Social Media
    2) New Otani will not respond to inquiries regarding comments and direct messages posted by Users.
    3) As for inquiries, requests, comments to New Otani please send them via our "Contact Us" page.
  4. Following
    New Otani may only follow some of the Users who follow New Otani on such Social Media. New Otani may also follow Users who do not follow New Otani on such Social Media.
  5. Disclaimer
    1) New Otani shall not be responsible for guaranteeing the accuracy, completeness, or usefulness of the information in the Social Media.
    2) New Otani shall not be responsible in any way for any comments, images, videos, or other content posted by Users (hereinafter referred to as “Posted Content”).
    3) New Otani shall not be liable for any damages sustained by Users as a result of their use of the Social Media or any damages due to the suspension or termination of the Social Media.
    4) New Otani shall not be liable for any damages sustained by Users or any third party as a result of any trouble related to the Social Media that occurs between the Users or between a User and a third party.
    5) Although the property rights of Posted Content shall be retained by the User who posted the relevant content, New Otani shall deem that such User has granted to New Otani the right to nonexclusively use (copy, edit, translate, excerpt, publicly disclose, etc.) the Posted Content in whole or in part without prior approval of or any compensation to the User, and that such User will not enforce copyrights, etc. pertaining to the Posted Content against New Otani.
    6) As various Social Media are administrated according to their respective systems, please be acknowledged that New Otani cannot answer questions regarding the details of these Social Media. New Otani also cannot answer any technical questions regarding the functions, uses, etc. of any software or applications distributed by the Social Media or any other third party.
  6. Removal policy
    New Otani will, in principle, welcome all posts by Users. As an exception however, posts that apply to any of the following may be deleted by New Otani.
    1) Content that is against any laws or regulations, or offends public order and morals
    2) Content that has any criminal intention, or induces any criminal acts
    3) Content that implies relationship with antisocial forces
    4) Inappropriate content that includes obscenity
    5) Content that breaches any copyright, trademark right, intellectual property right, etc. of New Otani or third parties
    6) Content that invades the privacy of third parties
    7) Content that defames or slanders specific individuals, organizations, nations or regions
    8) Content advertising or referring to any product, commercial outlet, or company
    9) Content that calls for any boycott campaign, or includes dogmatic or assertive expressions such as "gross”, ”sucks”, "disgusting", etc.
    10) Content that breaches the terms of service of the respective Social Media
    11) Any other content that New Otani considers inappropriate in terms of the purpose of respective Social Media
  7. Prohibited acts
    The following acts are prohibited in each Social Media. If a User should violate any of the following prohibited acts, New Otani may block or unfollow the account from which such post has been made.
    Acts related to political activities, election campaigning, or religious activities
    Posting or sending harmful computer programs etc.
    Copying, altering, selling, publishing, or using in any other way beyond personal use the information obtained through the Social Media
    Acts that obstruct or may obstruct the administration of the Social Media, or disadvantage or may disadvantage any third party including the New Otani group
    Posts including content that applies to (or may apply to) the following:
    - Content that is significantly factually inaccurate
    - Content that is deemed to not be based on concrete facts
    - Content that is deemed to be unnecessarily emotional
    - Content that is deemed to be discriminatory
    - Content that is ethically questionable
    - Content that offends other Users
    - Content that is deemed unrelated to the respective Social Media
    - Content that may disturb the order of the respective Social Media
    - Content deemed as sockpuppeting
    - Content deemed to be personal communication between the User and New Otani or any third party
    - Content deemed to be false, feigned, or misleading
    - Content that identifies or discloses personal information of other Users or third parties without the approval of such other User or third party
  8. Handling of personal information
    Should New Otani obtain any personal information from Users through the Social Media, such personal information shall be handled accordingly based on the Privacy Policy of the New Otani group.
  9. Amendments
    New Otani may amend the Guidelines without prior notice.
  10. Governing law and jurisdiction
    The Guidelines shall be construed and applied according to the laws of Japan. The Tokyo District Court or the Tokyo Summary Court shall have exclusive jurisdiction of the first instance over any disputes arising in connection with the Social Media.
  11. Inquiries
    As for inquiries or comments to New Otani, please send them via the "Contact Us" page of our official website

Supplementary Provision
The above is effective as of April 2016.
New Otani Co., Ltd.

* These guidelines are subject to change without prior notice according to revisions or repeals of relevant laws, changes in social norms, or other reasons.