HORIKAWA (Tempura)

Japanese Cuisne/Tempura

HORIKAWA (Tempura)

Reservation Tel.03-3221-4166

For the best of traditonal tempura in Tokyo, we invite you to try the culinary dishes offered at Horikawa. Using specially selected health-conscious oil, the market-fresh fish and vegetables are deep fried right before your eyes and made crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. Tempuras can be accompanied by "sashimi" and other seasonal dishes in a variety of different courses.

Basic Info

Hours, etc, are likely to change due to the situation of COVID-19. Please see here for the most current information.

Hours Weekdays Lunch 11:30am - 2:30pm (L.O.)
Dinner  5:00pm - 9:30pm (L.O.)
Sun. & Holidays   11:30am - 9:30pm (L.O.)  Lunch 2:00pm (L.O.)
Seats 42
Location Lobby fl, The Main bldg

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