Kobe Beef




Kobe Beef, indisputably the most famous wagyu brand, is available at SEKISHIN-TEI. Its supreme quality that has come to be recognized around the world is achieved by an explicit standard for the breeding of its cattle and uncompromising selection process. Indulge in the rich flavors, juiciness, and impeccably marbled tender texture of this extraordinary beef, offered a la carte or as an upgrade to course menus.

Available Hours

Lunch 11:30am-2:00pm
Dinner 5:00pm-9:00pm



Kobe Beef (a la carte) Filet 100g ¥31,000 and up
Loin 200g ¥56,000 and up
Upgrade of course menu component to Kobe Beef (loin) 200g Additional ¥24,000
  • Prices are subject to service charge.

Only the meat from precisely defined Tajima cattle raised by certified farmers in Hyogo prefecture are labeled as Kobe Beef, after passing a strict screening and approval process. The clean and stress-free environment and attentive care produce the delicately marbled mixture of smooth, light, and subtly sweet fat that melts in your mouth, and tender succulent red muscle meat rich with flavors. Particularly sought-after are the rib eye and sirloin, both with refined taste, tenderness, and impeccably-marbled fat. 

Reservations & inquiries

Overseas: 81-3-3238-0024

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  • The above menu is subject to change without prior notice.