Hotel New Otani Tokyo's New Year Package 2020

Various special events will be held at Hotel New Otani Tokyo between Dec 31 and Jan 3.
Stay at New Otani and experience a traditional Japanese New Year's celebration!

Three-night Package (Dec 31, 2019 - Jan 3, 2020)

Room Type Double Bed Room
(27m² and up)
Price ¥248,975
Booking Please inquire with Bebot (chat window in lower right corner)

Two-night Package (Dec 31, 2019 - Jan 2, 2020)

Room Type Double Bed Room
(27m² and up)
Price ¥176,315
Booking Please inquire with Bebot (chat window in lower right corner)

These packages include

  • Daily breakfast
  • Toshikoshi Soba (Year-crossing Noodles) and Osechi (Japanese traditional New Year's breakfast)
  • Event access passes for 2 persons (Valid during term of stay only).
  • Max 2 persons
  • Rates are per room (tax and service charge not included).
  • Rooms are subject to availability.
  • Period and rates are subject to change.

[Events open to all guests]

Shishimai: Lion Dance (Jan 1)

Lion dance or "Shishimai" is a traditional dance mimicking a lion's movements.
The dance is often performed for celebrations and is said to summon luck and fortune.


New Year Atrium Concert (Jan 1)

Rejoice the New Year with the energetic music of traditional "Tsugaru Shamisen"

Craftwork from the Edo Era (Jan 1-3)

Craftsmen will demonstrate their skills in creating various traditional craftwork items, which can be purchased as gifts or souvenirs.

Street Fair (Jan 1-3)

Experience a traditional Japanese festival, where attractions and games are available from stall vendors.
(Additional charge required to participate in games.)

[Events that require an event pass or tickets]

Japanese Traditions

Toshikoshi Soba: Year-crossing Noodles (Dec 31)

Eating soba (buckwheat noodles) on New Year's Eve is a long-standing tradition observed all around Japan. Savor the aroma and smoothness of the noodles along with delicate bonito broth.

Osechi: New Year's Feast (Jan 1 - 3)

"Osechi" is the breakfast eaten during the New Year's period.
Each item is intended to wish for the health and happiness of family members and friends for the coming year.

Hatsumode: the First Shrine/Temple Visit of the Year (Jan 1 - 3)

Join the Japanese tradition in making wishes for the New Year. A shrine is located within the hotel, and free shuttle buses are also available to and from major shrines and temples in Tokyo.
Shuttle services: Meiji Shrine (Jan 1), Senso-ji in Asakusa (Jan 1 - 3), and Hie Shrine & Toyokawa Inari (Jan 1 - 3)


Kakizome: First Calligraphy Writing (Jan 1)

Kakizome is the tradition of doing the first calligraphy writing of the year.
All equipment is ready, as well as advice from professional calligraphy instructors (in Japanese only).

Noh Performance (Jan 2)

Discover Noh, a traditional Japanese musical drama, through performances and commentary.

Hatsugama: First Tea Ceremony of the Year (Jan 1 - 3)

Enjoy a bowl of Matcha, Japanese sweets, and the true essence of traditional Japanese hospitality.

Amusement and Entertainment

Samurai and Ninja Theatre (Jan 1 & 2)

Dynamic action sequences will be performed on-stage.

  • Dialogue in Japanese only


Saori Yuki & Sachiko Yasuda Concert (Jan 2)

An acclaimed sister duo famous for their performance of traditional Japanese children's songs and folk songs. Saori Yuki is known for her collaboration album with Pink Martini which was released in more than 20 countries around the world.

  • Stage talk in Japanese only

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