The "Shin-Edo" Rooms

Discover our "Shin-Edo" Rooms.

All "Shin-Edo" Rooms are equipped with cypress wood bathtubs that render a soothing aroma and warm texture, offering you a most relaxing bath experience.
The "Shin-Edo" Deluxe Rooms boast a view of the Japanese Garden and Akasaka Palace across the bedroom.

―The “Shin-Edo” Rooms, a modern yet traditional style of hospitality―

These unique rooms are inspired by ancient philosophies and wisdom of our culture, and complemented with state-of-the-art modern technologies. Simple yet functional furnishings and amenities offer a stay enriched with tradition, comfort, and convenience.

Room Types

Shin-Edo Suite (76m² / 818ft²) & Shin-Edo Premium Suite (128m² / 1,378ft²)
[Capacity: 2 persons / 4 persons]

Equipped with a kitchenette, the suite features universal designs embracing guests of all ages and conditions. The Shin-Edo Premium Suite includes an additional bedroom, accommodating up to four persons.

Shin-Edo Deluxe Room (45m² / 484.3ft²)
[Capacity: 2 persons]
Bathrooms offer a view of the Japanese Garden and Akasaka Palace across the bedroom. The large-sized closet is ideal for families.

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Shin-Edo Standard Room (36m² / 387.5ft²) 
[Capacity: 2 persons]
Relax in the calming décor and functional yet spacious layout with the cypress aroma from the bathroom.

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Shin-Edo Single Room (26m² / 279.8ft²)
[Capacity: 1 person]
Calculated comfort and functionality, strategically laid out in 26 square meters with everything within your reach.

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The features of the "Shin-Edo" Rooms


The scent of cypress greets you the moment you enter your room. Bathtubs made of cypress wood are considered a luxury in Japanese culture, and the refreshing aroma and warm texture will make your bath time even more relaxing. The view from the bathroom also offers a sense of the season, which is an important element in the Japanese culture.

A special high-quality natural soap made with the classical hot-process method is offered as an exclusive in-room amenity. As a salute to the traditional Japanese bath culture, the only items placed in the bathroom are a bar of this soap, which can be used for shampooing and washing your body and face, and a "tenugui" washcloth.

  • Normal shampoo, conditioner, and body wash are also provided.
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