Red Rose Garden

Designed by renowned British floral decorator Kenneth Turner, Hotel New Otani Tokyo’s elegant Red Rose Garden first took bloom in November of 2000. Located on the rooftop as a means to insulate heat and thus reduce air-conditioning power, the garden with 30,000 red roses is nourished with compost made from restaurant leftovers and watered with recycled drainage water, contributing to the hotel’s ecological efforts in several ways.

The Red Rose Garden is open for fall blooms September 18-October 31, 2021.
Early summer blooms for 2022 are expected May-June.


*Starting in 2021, please note that admittance to the Red Rose Garden is limited to New Otani Club members, staying guests with accommodation packages that include entry to the garden, and guests with reservations for applicable events.


The Main, 3rd Floor

The garden was to be made available for wedding ceremonies, and so concepts such as romance, love and passion were incorporated in its design. Thirty-two breeds of red roses of varying sizes, shapes, colors, and scents were gathered from all over the world to decorate the 2,500m² garden. The “Helmut Kohl Rose” from Germany that gracefully blossoms with large red petals, the “Oklahoma” from the United States which is the most fragrant of all roses in the garden, and the dark-red colored Japanese “Kuroshinju (Black Pearl)” are some of the popular roses that adorn the garden. Although certain varieties as the climbing “Uncle Walter Rose” planted around the gazebo and arches bloom only once a year in spring, the Red Rose Garden welcomes two magnificent vistas of red blossoms every year during spring and autumn.