Date : March 3

Hinamatsuri (Girl's Festival) is celebrated only for female children on the third of March every year.
Hotel New Otani Osaka displays a gorgeous doll set in the lobby at this time of the year.


Date : March 12
Place : Todaiji (Temple), Nara
Time : Night time (to be announced)
Admission fee : free of charge

This is the one of the oldest Buddhist events in Japan and has a history of more than 1,250 years.


Date : end January - mid March
Place : Plum Garden, Osaka Castle Park
Time : until dark
Admission fee : free of charge

The largest plum garden in Osaka City - 1,250 plum trees of 93 varieties.
You can enjoy the plum blossoms at the end of January to mid-March.
You can enjoy not only beautiful colors of red, white and pink but also its rich scent of the blossoms.


Date : March 21 - 22
Place : Shitennoji Temple , Osaka
Time : morning - evening
Admission fee : free of charge

Shitennoji temple is the oldest Buddhist temple in Osaka and was built over 1,400 years ago.

During the Higan-e Ceremony in spring and autumn, the flea market opens all through the week attracting 250,000 visitors in total. This is the biggest market in Osaka with over 300 outlets.
You can see all kinds of shops including antiques, handmade products, garden trees, miscellaneous daily goods, etc.
This is an exciting event to visit.


Date : end March -early April
Place : Osaka Castle Park
Time : until dark
Admission fee : free of charge

Osaka Castle Park is home to a cherry blossom viewing and over 4,000 cherry trees are planted in the park.
You can enjoy cherry blossom viewing from the end of March to early April.

Enjoy the breathtaking beauty of the Castle and the cherry blossoms every year.