Japanese Experience
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Enjoy Food and Drinks Offered at The New Otani Osaka Castle Riverfront

Restaurant & Bar

French Cuisine SAKURA

Savor sensational French cooking prepared by the talented chef Nagai at SAKURA restaurant located on top of the hotel.
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Teppan Grill Keyaki

Savor the sight and aroma of the choicest Japanese beef, including Kobe beef considered to be one of the finest amoung the various " Wagyu " brands and the freshest seafood and vegetables as they are prepared to order before you.
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味寛 店内

Kushi & Wine Mikan

The taste of Naniwa (Osaka) prevails in an ambience which could be claimed as a cozy, adult-oriented space perfect for any romantic rendezvous.
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Sake & Japanese ‘a la carte' Isshin

Japanese cuisine offers not only a variety of exotic tastes, but an experience of visual delight for the eyes in its artistic presentation.
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Soba & Udon mendokoro NAKAJIMA

A brand new restaurant presented by Shinsuke Nakajima, Hotel New Otani Tokyo's Grand Chef.
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Traditional Japanese Cuisine KAGAIRO

Japanese Dining "Kagairo", Kitahama Osaka, with more than 180 years of history opened in the Hotel New Otani Osaka in March 2014.
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Sukiyaki and Shabu Shabu Fujio

Scrumptious Beef in SUKIYAKI and SHABUSHABU style with selected vegetables. Enjoy traditional Japanese service and cuisine in the stylish ambience of this classy restaurant, O MO TE NA SHI!
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At CASTLE, our classic hotel bar on the lobby floor, the contrast between Japanese and Western disappears and gives rise to an elegant and relaxing atmosphere which could be anywhere in the world.
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Sky Lounge The Four Seasons

The "wall of windows" at the Four Seasons sky bar and lounge in Osaka allows for incredible panoramic views of the nightly illuminations of the historic Osaka Castle and the skyscrapers composing the city's skyline from top of the hotel.
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All Day Dining SATSUKI

In the cheerful atmosphere of SATSUKI, you can enjoy the perfect breakfast buffet of more than 100 selections from Japanese, Western and Chinese, a light meal or a full course at your leisure.
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Chinese Cuisine TAIKAN EN

In the elegance of the TAIKAN EN restaurant's modern black interior setting, Master Chef Cai Qun Lin creates for you a unique culinary experience comprising the most tantalizing offerings from among both the traditional and the latest trends in Chinese cuisine.
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Sushi Kenzan

Sit at Kenzan's sushi bar and watch while the chef prepares Edo-style sushi in a manner guaranteed to bring out the full flavor of the finest seasonal fish and shellfish.
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Yakiniku (Japanese BBQ) Jojoen Yugentei

Hotel New Otani Osaka presents Jojoen Yugentei, Osaka's first restaurant featuring Tokyo's premium 'yaki-niku' (Japanese BBQ).
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Atrium Lobby Lounge SATSUKI LOUNGE

SATSUKI LOUNGE on the lobby floor, serving tea and cocktails, is the perfect place for a short business meeting or a friendly conversation.
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Room Service

In-room Dining offers a pleasant personalized dining experience in your guestroom.
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パティスリーSATSUKI 店内イメージ

Homemade Bread and Pastries Patisserie SATSUKI

Hotel's acclaimed patisserie boutique SATSUKI boasts the unique selection of delicious pastries and cakes of high quality prepared through the artistry and skill of our patisserie chefs who utilize the natural tastes and essences of the fruits.
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