Kobe Beef

Teppan Grill [Keyaki]

Kobe Beef, indisputably the most famous wagyu brand, is available at KEYAKI.
Its supreme quality that has come to be recognized around the world is achieved by an explicit standard for the breeding of its cattle and uncompromising selection process.
Indulge in the rich flavors, juiciness, and impeccably marbled tender texture of this extraordinary beef, offered a la carte or as an upgrade to course menus.

Delight in the sight and aroma of the choicest japanese beef and freshest seafood and vegetables as they are prepared before your very eyes as you dine in full view of the historical Osaka Castle.

Available Hours

Lunch 11:30am-2:30pm
Dinner 5:00pm-9:30pm


Kobe Beef Special Menu

・Assorted small appetizers
・Chef’s soup
・Seasonal salad
・Choice of beef
  Loin of KOBE beef(150g)
 Filet of KOBE beef(120g)+JPY 2,800
・Grilled seasonal vegetables
・Japanese Miso soup & pickles
・Petit sweet

JPY 31,000

*Service charge will be added to your bill.
*Please inform us if you have any food allergies or special preferences.
*The above menu is subject to change without prior notice.

Window seat reservation

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Sake & Japanese ‘a la carte' [Isshin]

"Kobe Wagyu Beef Bowl"

"The ultimate beef bowl" made with carefully simmered rare parts using carefully selected "warishita"

"Kobe Wagyu Beef Bowl" is made with a generous amount of "Gokujo Maebara", a rare cut that boasts a beautiful marbling. It is said that the degree of marbling is high and the temperature at which the fat melts is low, so it is said to be less heavy on the stomach.

Warishita is an original blend that uses "Japanese soup stock" extracted from multiple types of seafood and white wine. It has a rich yet flavorful finish that brings out the maximum flavor of Kobe beef.

What is "Kobe beef"?
Kobe beef is famous as one of Japan's three major wagyu beef varieties. To be called Kobe beef, it must pass thorough management and strict carcass standards.
"Rating standards" such as a meat quality grade of 4 or higher and a marbling BMS value of 6 to 12 are required. Kobe beef is only beef that has passed the "management standards", such as being limited to processed beef.