Large Sized Function Rooms

Large Sized Function Rooms 2nd floor

With a sound-proof sliding wall, "Hō" Function Room can be divided into the "Hō" with 1,650 square meters of floor space, and the "Hō -S" with 675 square meters of floor space. The Hō can be further divided into "Hō I", "Hō II" and "Hō III" function rooms, which can be variously sized according to the needs of your specific event.

With 2,380 square meters of floor space and room for 3,000 guests, the Hō is one of the most modern venues, with sophisticated lighting and sound equipment and simultaneous translation facilities for 8 languages. From international conferences and press conferences to receptions, and new product presentations, the Hō has everything necessary to make any sized gathering a success.

鳳凰 イメージ
Location Dinner
Square Meter
2nd floor 1,370 3,000 1,600 3,100 2,380m2
Hō I,II,III 2nd floor 870 2,000 800 1,700 1,650m2
Hō I 2nd floor 270 400 330 600 590m2
Hō II 2nd floor 210 300 280 530 450m2
Hō III 2nd floor 270 400 390 680 610m2
Hō S 2nd floor 330 500 420 760 675m2