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Premium Beef Pleasures
Premium Beef Pleasures

Premium Wagyu Ozaki Beef
Kobe Beef from Kawagishi Ranch


Premium Ozaki Beef is masterfully slow-cooked to melty tenderness in the hotel’s rich original sauce for a sumptuous, majestic beef experience.

Ozaki Beef Stew
¥7,500 (¥8,250 with tax) *subject to service charge


Omelet-wrapped spicy fried rice made with New Otani’s original multi-grain rice “J-cereal” is topped with a rich stew of premium Ozaki Beef cooked to melt-in-your-mouth tenderness.

Spicy J-cereal "Omu-rice" (Omelet on Fried Rice) with Ozaki Beef Stew
¥5,600 (¥6,160 with tax) *subject to service charge


Prime rice bowl of majestic Ozaki Beef grilled to perfection, served over a bed of steamed “J-cereal” multigrain rice savored with a touch of “Fujisu Premium” vinegar.

Ozaki Beef Steak Bowl with J-cereal Rice
¥6,400 (¥7,040 with tax) *subject to service charge

  • Tokyo: +81-(0)3-5275-3177
  • Makuhari: +81-(0)43-299-1848
  • Osaka: +81-(0)6-6949-3234
[NOC members]
  • Makuhari: Free private room use (2 hours) and 50% OFF service charge
幻の和牛 「尾崎牛」

About Ozaki Beef

Legendary cattleman Muneharu Ozaki produces this much-sought-after beef of ultimate quality, with methods perfected over thirty-five years of experience. The cattle are raised in a vast open farm designed to be as stress-free as possible and treated with an original blend of 12 kinds of chemical-free grains as brewer's spent grain (a byproduct of beer production), corn, wheat, alfalfa, soy pulp and soybean flour. Natural water pumped from a nearby stream is used for the cattle’s drinking water. Where typically the cattle are shipped out approximately 28 months after birth, Ozaki cattle are shipped at 30 - 34 months based on a unique method that is likened to “aging of meat while alive", for enhanced quality. Only sixty cattle in total are shipped from this farm each month, thirty each for national and international distribution. Prized and precious, the meat’s taste is majestic and otherworldly, a true mythical experience.


Sumptuous Kobe Beef steak served atop delicious rice pilaf. Indulge in this authentic Wagyu of the highest quality from award-winning Kawagishi ranch and relish its renowned, undeniable taste and tenderness.

Kobe Beef Pilaf
¥25,000 (¥27,500 with tax) *subject to service charge

  • +81-(0)3-3238-0026
[NOC members]
  • Tokyo 50% OFF service charge

Kawagishi Ranch, the home of Kobe Beef

Located in the nature abundant Nishiwaki city of Hyogo prefecture, Kawagishi ranch is the home of world-renowned Kobe Beef. A prized wagyu brand with many accolades to its name, Kobe Beef offers taste and tenderness of the highest quality, and also a beautifully marbled appearance. Specializing solely in female cows which are considered to be more tender, the ranch raises their cattle in a natural environment as stress-free as possible for over 35 months with extended fattening periods to produce meat of exquisite quality.

Delight in Prime Beef
in the Spring-adorned
Japanese Garden

Six to eight brands of Wagyu of the highest quality from around the country are available at all times

SEKISHIN-TEI is a relaxing counter-style restaurant nestled within the beautiful four-century-old Japanese Garden, offering the finest Teppanyaki cuisine. Prime beef and seafood are cooked to perfection right before your eyes by our expert chefs with a mastery that has been passed over generations. Take in the finest Wagyu that Japan has to offer, immaculately prepared to its optimal best.


Exclusive ‘spring’ lunch course with seasonal appetizers of Japanese and Western cuisine served in a tiered basket

“Hanakago” Steak Lunch
¥7,000 and up (¥7,700 and up with tax) *subject to service charge

w/ One glass of Champagne (Drappier Otani Brut)
¥9,000 and up (¥9,900 and up with tax) *subject to service charge

* Minimum two persons
* Reservations required at least two days in advance.
* Limited to 20 orders per day.
* Photos are for illustration purposes only.

Japanese Garden

Japanese Garden

Starting in early March, the Japanese Garden at Hotel New Otani Tokyo, spanning ten acres with a history of over four centuries, will offer in turn blooming cherry blossoms of nineteen varieties including the beautiful Somei-Yoshino and the red weeping cherry.

  • Tokyo: +81-(0)3-3238-0024
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  • Tokyo: 50% OFF service charge

Our efforts to offer a safe, healthy,
and pleasurable experience


At New Otani Hotels, we are proud to provide our guests with the highest quality of dining that offers great food with consideration to health as well. We work together with farmers and producers nationwide to offer the best dining experience to our guests.


New Otani Hotels’ original multigrain

Hotel New Otani prides itself in providing its guests with the best dining experience, not only in terms of taste and quality, but also from the perspective of health. “J-cereal”, the hotel’s original grain mix, was created as such an effort to pursue wellness in the food it offers. Grains as whole black, red, and green rice; foxtail, proso, Japanese, and great millet; and amaranth that are rich with proteins, dietary fibers, minerals, and vitamins, are blended in varying combinations for each dish to optimize their qualities.