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Winter Epicurean Delights


Heavenly sushi bowl with a myriad of the sea’s delicacies from slices of fresh Japanese shad and abalone, to prawns and steamed sea urchin roe, colorfully topped on a bed of Hotel New Otani’s original multi-grain ‘J-cereal’ rice steamed with minced prawns, shiitake mushrooms, and lotus root.

Sushi in a Bowl
*served with miso soup and pickled vegetables

Soy Milk Curry with Fried Oysters

Soy milk curry served with saffron rice made with the hotel’s original J-cereal multi-grain and topped with fried oysters.

Soy Milk Curry with Fried Oysters
*available only in Tokyo and Makuhari

Rose Garden

Noodles in spicy sesame and peanut soup, topped with hearty slices of premium Ozaki beef loin and an assortment of seafood such as prawns and pen shell.

J-cereal Noodles with Premium Ozaki Beef in Spicy Black Soup

*Subject to tax and service charge.

  • Tokyo: +81-(0)3-3238-0030
  • Makuhari: +81-(0)43-299-1852
  • Osaka: +81-(0)6-6949-3215
[NOC members]
  • Tokyo / Makuhari: Free private room use (2 hours) and 50% OFF service charge
  • Osaka: Free private room use and 50% OFF service charge
  • Tokyo: +81-(0)3-5275-3177
  • Makuhari: +81-(0)43-299-1848
  • Osaka: +81-(0)6-6949-3234
[NOC members]
  • Makuhari: Free private room use (2 hours) and 50% OFF service charge

New Otani Hotels’ original multigrain

Hotel New Otani prides itself in providing its guests with the best dining experience, not only in terms of taste and quality, but also from the perspective of health. “J-cereal”, the hotel’s original grain mix, was created as such an effort to pursue wellness in the food it offers.
Grains as whole black, red, and green rice; foxtail, proso, Japanese, and great millet; and amaranth that are rich with proteins, dietary fibers, minerals, and vitamins, are blended in varying combinations for each dish to optimize their qualities.

Our efforts to offer a safe, healthy,
and pleasurable experience


At New Otani Hotels, we are proud to provide our guests with the highest quality of dining that offers great food with consideration to health as well. We work together with farmers and producers nationwide to offer the best dining experience to our guests.