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Premium Wagyu Ozaki Beef


The majestic, melt-in-your-mouth taste of Ozaki Beef is produced in the nature-abundant environment in Miyazaki prefecture, through the calculated selection of feed grains and longer term of production that is likened to “aging of meat while alive”.

Fillet (150g) ¥25,000
Sirloin (200g) ¥24,000

* Items are served with rice or bread, salad (from the salad bar), and coffee.
* Subject to tax and service charge.

About Ozaki Beef

About Ozaki Beef

Legendary cattleman Muneharu Ozaki produces this much-sought-after beef of ultimate quality, with methods perfected over thirty-five years of experience. The cattle are raised in a vast open farm designed to be as stress-free as possible and treated with an original blend of 12 kinds of chemical-free grains as brewer's spent grain (a byproduct of beer production), corn, wheat, alfalfa, soy pulp and soybean flour. Natural water pumped from a nearby stream is used for the cattle’s drinking water. Where typically the cattle are shipped out approximately 28 months after birth, Ozaki cattle are shipped at 30 - 34 months based on a unique method that is likened to “aging of meat while alive", for enhanced quality. Only sixty cattle in total are shipped from this farm each month, thirty each for national and international distribution. Prized and precious, the meat’s taste is majestic and otherworldly, a true mythical experience.

Kobe Beef from Kawagishi Ranch


Exceptionally tender with refined flavor and delicate marbling, Kobe Beef of the highest quality is produced at Kawagishi Ranch with its specialized breeding methods and optimized environment. The many accolades to the farm’s name are an affirmation of the outstanding quality of beef that it produces.

Fillet (100g) ¥28,000
Sirloin (200g) ¥46,000

* Items are served with rice or bread, salad (from the salad bar), and coffee.
* Subject to tax and service charge.

Kawagishi Ranch, the home of Kobe Beef

Kawagishi Ranch, the home of Kobe Beef

Located in the nature abundant Nishiwaki city of Hyogo prefecture, Kawagishi ranch is the home of world-renowned Kobe Beef. A prized wagyu brand with many accolades to its name, Kobe Beef offers taste and tenderness of the highest quality, and also a beautifully marbled appearance. Specializing solely in female cows which are considered to be more tender, the ranch raises their cattle in a natural environment as stress-free as possible for over 35 months with extended fattening periods to produce meat of exquisite quality.

Highest Grade Wagyu
Grilled to Perfection


Our chefs travel the country to meet with producers and secure only the best Wagyu to offer to our guests. The finest Japanese beef is prepared and cooked to optimal perfection with mastery that have been passed down for generations, to be served at its absolute best.

* Six to eight brands of Wagyu from around the country are made available at all times. Available Wagyu brands are subject to change.

Wagyu Meets Wine
A Marriage of Enhancement

谷 宣英

Executive Head Sommelier
Nobuhide Tani

Officier, Ordre Des Coteaux de Champagne. Certified Contemporary Master Craftsman by Japan’s Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare. Winner of 2011 Best Sommelier of Japan competition. Lecturer of Sommelier Studies at University of Yamanashi.

"Ojuhosho" Award Celebration
Hotel New Otani Tokyo Executive Head Sommelier Nobuhide Tani has been bestowed the “Ojuhosho”, Yellow Ribbon Medal awarded for excellence and industriousness in one’s field of work, by Japan’s Cabinet Office in autumn 2020. To celebrate this honor, a special set of three types of wines by the glass is now offered.

Selected Wines by Nobuhide Tani (three variations of wines)