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Amaou Strawberry Croissant
New Otani Artisans and Masterpieces
vol.1 Amaou Strawberry Croissant

At Hotel New Otani, seasoned experts in diverse fields endlessly pursue perfection and creativity to provide guests with the best possible experience. “Amaou Strawberry Croissant”, a creation by New Otani Tokyo’s Grand Chef, is just one such example.

Amaou Strawberries are of the highest quality in every aspect. The astonishing sweetness and juiciness of these large berries exhilarate the taste buds of those who devour them. New Otani Grand Chef Shinsuke Nakajima, the man behind the trend-setting “Super Desserts Series”, took to create the ultimate strawberry croissant by lavishly using five Amaou strawberries for each croissant to replicate the rich flavor and aroma of this magical fruit.


Sweet Amaou strawberry gelée in the middle perfectly complements the flakey croissant with every bite, sending senses into sweet overdrive. Intricately created are the croissants, that only 10 are made per day. Green Tea Croissants and Almond Chocolate Croissants are also enticingly available along with Amaou Strawberry Croissants. Due to substantial attention from the national media, the croissants usually sell out as soon as Patisserie SATSUKI opens for the day. Although hard to come by, it is definitely a croissant worth experiencing.

Sweet Croissant Series
Amaou Strawberry / Matcha / Almond Chocolate
¥800 (tax not included) *Respectively limited to 10 croissants per day

* Products and its availability are subject to change.

Patisserie SATSUKI
Tel.(+81) (0)3-3221-7252 (11:00am - 9:00pm (JST))