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Ozaki Beef Stew

Premium Ozaki Beef is masterfully slow-cooked to melty tenderness in a rich original sauce for a sumptuous, majestic beef experience.

¥8,250 *subject to service charge

幻の和牛 「尾崎牛」

About Ozaki Beef

Legendary cattleman Muneharu Ozaki produces this much-sought-after beef of ultimate quality, with methods perfected over thirty-five years of experience. The cattle are raised in a vast open farm designed to be as stress-free as possible and treated with an original blend of 12 kinds of chemical-free grains as brewer's spent grain (a byproduct of beer production), corn, wheat, alfalfa, soy pulp and soybean flour. Natural water pumped from a nearby stream is used for the cattle’s drinking water. Where typically the cattle are shipped out approximately 28 months after birth, Ozaki cattle are shipped at 30 - 34 months based on a unique method that is likened to “aging of meat while alive", for enhanced quality. Only sixty cattle in total are shipped from this farm each month, thirty each for national and international distribution. Prized and precious, the meat’s taste is majestic and otherworldly, a true mythical experience.

J-cereal Pain de Campagne

J-cereal Pain de Campagne (Next Type)

Delectable Pain de Campagne made with the hotel’s original multi-grain blend J-cereal. Using red wine instead of water for enhanced flavor and aroma, the dough is raised for twenty hours with probiotic Kuzumochi Lactic Acid Bacteria (from renowned establishment Funabashiya), and then baked with ingredients as black soybeans, walnuts, raisins, apples, and Amaou strawberries.

¥1,728 / Take-away
¥1,760 / Dine-in *subject to service charge
Patisserie SATSUKI

新東京ブレスト 抹茶

Health-conscious Dessert
Matcha Paris-Brest
*diameter: 15cm

Matcha custard cream, sweet red bean paste with “kuromitsu” brown syrup, and mini ‘Daifuku’ rice cakes are sandwiched between crispy choux pastry made with ‘Soy lait Beurre’, a plant-based butter derived from soy, for an exclusive, luscious Paris-Brest with a Japanese twist.

¥3,780 / Take-away *Tokyo only
¥3,850 / Dine-in *subject to service charge
Patisserie SATSUKI

トマト「Re. Clear」

Sustainable Cocktail Series
Tomato Cocktail “Re. Clear”

Subtle sweetness of fresh tomato, together with jasmine aromas, makes an enticing cocktail to bring in the summer.
An exclusive limited-time-only cocktail concocted by our bartender with a nod to sustainability.

Cocktail ¥2,420 / Mocktail ¥1,870
Available until 6/22 (Tue) *subject to change
Bar Capri

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Patisserie SATSUKI
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Bar Capri
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Our efforts to offer a safe, healthy,
and pleasurable experience


At New Otani Hotels, we are proud to provide our guests with the highest quality of dining that offers great food with consideration to health as well. We work together with farmers and producers nationwide to offer the best dining experience to our guests.


New Otani Hotels’ original multigrain

Hotel New Otani prides itself in providing its guests with the best dining experience, not only in terms of taste and quality, but also from the perspective of health. “J-cereal”, the hotel’s original grain mix, was created as such an effort to pursue wellness in the food it offers. Grains as whole black, red, and green rice; foxtail, proso, Japanese, and great millet; and amaranth that are rich with proteins, dietary fibers, minerals, and vitamins, are blended in varying combinations for each dish to optimize their qualities.