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Indulge in delectable items prepared with the finest ingredients including our soy meat dishes that are rich with dietary fibers and minerals from vegetable protein, and lower in calories and cholesterol in comparison to normal meat.

Soy Meat Selection


Select from two types of heathy spaghetti: a gluten-free type made from rice and organic corn that is grown in Italy, or one made with the hotel’s own nutritious ‘J-cereal’ multi-grain. The delicious Bolognese sauce is made with soy meat, aromatic vegetables and red wine for a classic pasta dish with a healthy twist!

Spaghetti Bolognese (Soy Meat & Gluten-free or Multi-grain Pasta)


Exquisite black “Keema” curry made with soymilk, vegetables, spices, and soy meat. Served with saffron rice made with ‘J-cereal’ grains, and vegetables sautéed in garlic oil and soy butter.

Black Keema Curry (Soy Meat & ‘J-cereal’ Rice)

Rice Burger

A vegetarian rice burger with soy meat patty, soy mayonnaise and avocado sauce, and roast laver sheets for a Japonesque touch. The rice buns blend the hotel’s original multi-grain ‘J-cereal’ and white rice, and are flavored with soy sauce and salt and cooked in olive oil for a guilt-free yet satisfying meal.

Rice Burger (‘J-cereal’ Multi-Grain Rice & Soy Meat Patty)

Fried Soy Cutlet

A staple Japanese dish of fried minced meat cutlet, prepared with soy meat that is lower in cholesterol for a healthier, juicy twist.

Fried Soy Cutlet

SATSUKI’s “New” Tokyo Burger (Soy Meat)

Delicious veggie burger of soy meat patty made with vegetable protein full of dietary fibers and minerals. Lower in calories and cholesterol in comparison to a normal meat patty, which is also selectable.

SATSUKI’s “New” Tokyo Burger (Soy Meat)

‘J-cereal’ Noodles with Shark's Fin in Soymilk Soup

Original ‘J-cereal’ multi-grain noodles with valuable delicacy of shark's fin in a rich soymilk-based soup topped with starchy Shanghai crab meat sauce and a pinch of spiciness.

‘J-cereal’ Noodles with Shark's Fin in Soymilk Soup


Hotel New Otani’s
original mixed grains

Cereals and millets are food sources that existed from the earliest of times in Japanese culture. In the present day, they are regarded as ‘superfood’ with their high nutritional value and health benefits. Hotel New Otani prides itself in providing its guests with the best dining experience, not only in terms of taste and quality, but also from the perspective of health. “J-cereal”, the hotel’s original grain mix, was created as such an effort to pursue wellness in the food it offers. Grand Chef Shinsuke Nakajima visited the farmers and personally selected the eight grains to be blended: brown, black, red, and green rice, amaranth, and foxtail, proso, and great millet. Rich with proteins, dietary fibers, minerals, and vitamins, the grains are blended in varying combinations for each dish to optimize their qualities.

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