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Melon Heaven
Melon Heaven

One third of whole premium melon is used per slice with heavenly almond milk whipped cream and soft, airy cake made with brown rice-fed chicken eggs for a melt-in-your-mouth sublime experience.

‘New’ Extra Super Melon Shortcake ¥3,800 
* Twenty pieces a day
Patisserie SATSUKI

Super Melon Shortcake

An immensely popular cake with juicy melon, premium whipped cream, and soft cake made with quality eggs, brown sugar and Wasanbon sugar.

Super Melon Shortcake ¥1,500 
* Forty pieces a day
Patisserie SATSUKI

Melon Soda Float

Exceptional melon soda made with fresh melon, melon jelly and more, topped with vanilla ice cream and soymilk lime gelato.

Melon Soda Float ¥2,800
* Available only in Tokyo
* 3/1 (Sun) - late April


Pure Melon Jelly

Scrumptious melon jelly made with sweet prime melons and Konjac (devil's tongue), complemented with a layer of almond milk jelly to enhance its exquisite taste and texture.

Pure Melon Jelly ¥900 
* Available only in Tokyo and Osaka
Patisserie SATSUKI


Delightful almond jelly with kuzumochi probiotics, crowned with a bed of sweet, juicy melon slices.

Kuzumochi Almond Jelly ¥1,200 
* Available only in Tokyo and Makuhari
Patisserie SATSUKI

Patisserie SATSUKI
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Japan’s Finest of Finest
Premium Melon from Shizuoka Prefecture

日本のフルーツの最高峰 「静岡県産マスクメロン」

After years of searching, Hotel New Otani’s Executive Grand Chef Shinsuke Nakajima discovered in Shizuoka prefecture the best tasting and beautiful looking melons to use in his desserts.

Greenhouse farming with precise management of soil, water, sunlight, and temperature create the perfect environment, with the added benefit of the region’s long sunshine hours. By removing all but one fruit per vine, all the nutrition is concentrated into that single fruit for unmatched richness.

Their refined aroma, melty tenderness, and exquisite sweetness have inspired our pastry chefs to create a variety of delectable melon desserts that offer a truly blissful experience.