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Flourishing Delights
Flourishing Delights

Sakura Desserts

Sakura Desserts

Enjoy delectable spring time delights that are only available during this season as Grand Chef Shinsuke Nakajima’s sakura-themed dessert masterpieces.


An assortment of seven kinds of seasonal macarons including the aromatic sakura macaron made with sweet bean paste and edible cherry blossom infused with cherry blossom liqueur, the "sake-kasu" macaron flavored with sake lees of the renowned ‘Kakurei’ brand, the soymilk-based rum raisin macaron, and the ruby chocolate macaron.

‘New’ Spring Macarons ¥2,000
Patisserie SATSUKI


Ambrosial roll cake accented with a sugar-marinated cherry blossom. Made with eggs from brown rice-fed chickens along with probiotic "kuzumochi lactobacillus", this exquisite delight has various benefits to the body.

Sakura Roll Cake ¥800
* Available only in Tokyo and Makuhari
Patisserie SATSUKI


Cherry blossom flavored flan made with brown rice-fed chicken eggs in a tart crust using New Otani's original ‘white cereal’ multi-grain blend, topped with Amaou strawberries, whipped cream, and sakura macaron.

Sakura Flan ¥1,200
* Available only in Tokyo and Osaka
Patisserie SATSUKI

* Subject to tax.
* Also available as a dine-in item at Coffee Shop SATSUKI. (Subject to tax and service charge)

Patisserie SATSUKI
  • Tokyo: +81-(0)3-3221-7252 (11:00am - 9:00pm)
  • Makuhari: +81-(0)43-299-1639 (10:00am - 9:00pm)
  • Osaka: +81-(0)6-6949-3298 (10:00am - 8:00pm)
[NOC members]
  • 5% OFF

Spring Delights


A treasure grove of seafood delicacies from salmon and tuna to prawns and fish roe, served on a bed of vinegared rice and topped with pickled cherry blossom petals.

Sakura Sushi in a Bowl ¥4,300
* Mini-sized Sakura Sushi in a Bowl may be enjoyed as part of the “Oedo Sakura Gozen” course
 Lunch ¥6,000 / Dinner ¥8,500

3/1 (Sun) - 4/16 (Thu) 2020

SAKURA Dinner Course

Indulge in this special five-course dinner to celebrate the arrival of spring, from the assorted appetizer plate to the “Sakura Sushi in a Bowl” featuring a grove of seafood delicacies over rice that is accented with edible pickled cherry blossom petals.


Assorted appetizer plates

3/1 (Sun) - 4/16 (Thu)
* Reservations required at least three days in advance.
* Items are subject to change due to availability.
* Offered at the three locations below.

* Subject to tax and service charge

  • Tokyo: +81-(0)3-3221-2857(11:30am - 10:00pm)
[NOC member]
  • 50% OFF private room use
  • 50% OFF service charge
  • Tokyo: +81-(0)3-3238-0020 (noon - 2:00pm *until 2:30pm on weekends & holidays / 5:30pm - 9:00pm)
[NOC members]
  • 50% OFF private room use
  • 50% OFF service charge
  • Tokyo: +81-(0)3-5275-3177 (7:00am - midnight)

Cherry Blossoms in the Japanese Garden


Spanning ten acres with a history of over four centuries that once housed residences of historical Japanese figures as Kato Kiyomasa and the Ii family during the Edo period, this Japanese Garden is a symbol of Hotel New Otani Tokyo. Rich with verdant greenery and nineteen variations of cherry trees, the garden is blessed with colorful expressions that change with every season. An oasis in the heart of the metropolis, it is a place of serene beauty that includes a traditional stone garden, scarlet bridges, and a waterfall.


Cherry trees in the Japanese Garden
* In order of flowering, from first to last.

Jugatsu-zakura (October cherry tree), Kawazu-zakura, Ohkanzakura, Kanhizakura, Princess Miyabi, Youkou, Youkihi, Ichiyo, Somei-Yoshino, Mamezakura, Yamazakura, Gyoikou, Shizukanioi, weeping cherry tree, red weeping cherry tree, Keio-zakura, Yaezakura (white), Yaezakura (red), Ukon-zakura, Edo-higanzakura

Red Weeping Cherry Tree outside the Hō banquet room

Red Weeping Cherry Tree outside the Hō banquet room

A gorgeous spectacle of voluminous pink petals blossoming on drooping willow-like branches.
[Expected bloom: April (beginning of April to end of April)]

Weeping Cherry Tree and the waterfall

Weeping Cherry Tree and the waterfall

Stunning blossoms by the dynamic six-meter-high waterfall is a scene to cherish.
[Expected bloom: April (beginning of April to end of April)]

Cherry Blossom Events

Various cherry blossom events are scheduled to take place at the Japanese Garden as well as in banquet rooms.

Event dates: 3/21 (Sat), 3/22 (Sun), 3/28 (Sat), 3/29 (Sun), 2020.