Small Sized Function Rooms

Sumire, Yuri and Suisen

Small-sized Banquet Room 2nd floor

These two small banquet rooms are perfect for small meetings and private dinner parties with family or friends. Amenities include a Karaoke machine, TV, projection screen and electronic whiteboard.

Dinner 40 persons
Buffet 50 persons
Conference(School) 36 persons
Conference(Theater) 60 persons
Total Floor Area 82m^2 (1,184ft^2)
Ceiling Height 3.0m
Room Width 7.0m
Length 13.0m

Aries and Crescent

Small-sized Banquet Room 24th floor

The simple design and color scheme of this room provide a conducive atmosphere for presentations, seminars and conferences. State-of-the-art lighting and sound systems, and simultaneous translation facilities provide all the high-tech support needed for your successfulmeetings.

Dinner 16 persons(Aries), 14 persons(Crescent)


Total Floor Area 70m^2 (753ft^2)
Ceiling Height 3.2m
Room Width 9.2m
Length 4.8m


Total Floor Area 34m^2 (366ft^2)
Ceiling Height 3.2m
Room Width 4.2m
Length 6.2m

Sakura & Tachibana &Tsubaki & Matsu & Ume & Kotobuki

Small-sized Banquet Room 3rd floor

These six private Banquet rooms are suitable for business talk space and Small meetings.

Total Floor Area Sakura 45m^2 (147ft^2)
Tachibana 45m^2 (147ft^2)
Tsubaki 45m^2 (147ft^2)
Kotobuki 26m^2 (85ft^2)
Matsu 21m^2 (68ft^2)
Ume 24m^2 (78ft^2)