Medium Sized Function Rooms


Mid-sized Banquet Room 2nd floor

This room is in the style of an 18th century European ballroom, complete with high ceiling and crystal chandelier created by the renowned Lobmeyr company of Austria, whose chandeliers grace the famous opera houses of the world.

Dinner 160 persons
Buffet 250 persons
Conference(School) 192 persons
Conference(Theater) 392 persons
Total Floor Area 340m^2 (3,658ft^2)
Ceiling Height 8.2m
Room Width 17.4m
Length 19.0m


Mid-sized Banquet Room 2nd floor

The simple design and color scheme of this room provide a conducive atmosphere for presentations, seminars and conferences. State-of-the-art lighting and sound systems, and simultaneous translation facilities provide all the high-tech support needed for your successful meetings.

Dinner 90 persons
Buffet 120 persons
Conference(School) 108 persons
Conference(Theater) 224 persons
Total Floor Area 201m^2 (2,162ft^2)
Ceiling Height 3.0m
Room Width 10.5m
Length 19.0m


Mid-sized Banquet Room 24th floor

This versatile room with its panoramic view of Tokyo Bay, is perfectly suited for V.I.P. guests and casual parties alike. Its state-of-the-art sound system, panoramic lights, parqueted floor and large wooden bar, also make this room an ideal location to dance the night away. ATV, VCR and Karaoke machine are discreetly housed in wooden cabinets in the wall for your convenience.

Dinner 40 persons
Buffet 70 persons
Total Floor Area 140m^2 (1,506ft^2)
Ceiling Height 3.4m
Room Width 15.5m
Length 6.0m

SHELL HOUSE & Falls Room

Mid-sized Banquet Room Garden Space

Shell House just a little walk away from the hotel and you are in a quiet private Waterside villa, "Shell House". The tranquility of the setting and the stylish luxury uplifts your heart, and makes you anticipate what will happen next. The banquet space has a sophisticated modern décor, the seating and layout can be arranged, catering to various needs, from business meetings, exhibitions and even to gala ceremonies.

Dinner 90 persons (+40 persons)
Buffet 70 persons (+50 persons)
Total Floor Area 343m^2 (3,691ft^2)
Shell House 223m^2 (2,400ft^2)
Falls Room 100m^2 (1,076ft^2)

Shell House

Ceiling Height 4.5m
Room Width 14.0m
Length 16.0m

Falls Room

Ceiling Height 6.75m
Room Width 9.5m
Length 10.0m