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Exquisite Delights
Exquisite Delights

From hotel-made original breads and pastries, to enticing desserts with prime seasonal ingredients such as chestnuts, enjoy delectable and nourishing delights of the highest quality that fall has brought in.

Masterpieces from Our Bakery

J-cereal Pain de Campagne

Premium Pain de Campagne made with New Otani Hotel’s original J-cereal dough fermented with Funabashiya’s Kuzumochi probiotics and then baked with black soybeans, pistachios, Matcha, and Amaou strawberries.

J-cereal Pain de Campagne
Patisserie SATSUKI

New Otani Hotels’ original multigrain


Hotel New Otani prides itself in providing its guests with the best dining experience, not only in terms of taste and quality, but also from the perspective of health. “J-cereal”, the hotel’s original grain mix, was created as such an effort to pursue wellness in the food it offers.
Grains as brown, black, red, and green rice, amaranth, and foxtail, proso, and great millet, that are rich with proteins, dietary fibers, minerals, and vitamins, are blended in varying combinations for each dish to optimize their qualities.

Soy Toast Bread - Plain

Soy Toast Bread is kneaded with rich soy cream to provide two varying textures.
Also available is Soy Toast Marble (¥1,200) which is made with the addition of white chocolate and chocolate chips.

Soy Toast Bread - Plain ¥900
*For Makuhari and Osaka: Soy Toast Bread ‘Plain’ only and available only from 9/1 (Sun)
Patisserie SATSUKI

Crab Curry Bun

A hearty curry bun with meaty Snow Crab chunks. Wrapped within the crisp fried bun is the hotel’s popular ‘Ginza Curry’ with special crab sauce made with Chinese Mitten, Snow, and Red King crabs.

Crab Curry Bun ¥850
*Available only in Tokyo and Makuhari
Patisserie SATSUKI

Chestnut Croissant

Flavors and savors of sweet chestnuts burst with every bite of this delightful chestnut croissant.

Chestnut Croissant ¥800
*Limited to 10 croissants per day
*Available from 9/1(Sun)

Patisserie SATSUKI

Vanilla Muffin

Healthy muffin made with vanilla soy milk.

Vanilla Muffin ¥400
*For Osaka: available only from 9/1 (Sun)
Patisserie SATSUKI

Croissant Satine by Pierre Hermé Paris

Pierre Hermé’s very own Cheesecake Satine is made into a perfection of a croissant.

Croissant Satine by Pierre Hermé Paris
*Available at SATSUKI’s “Ultimate Breakfast” buffet

*Subject to tax.
*Availability is subject to change.

Patisserie SATSUKI 
Tokyo Makuhari Osaka
Tokyo: +81-(0)3-3221-7252 (11:00am - 9:00pm)
Makuhari: +81-(0)43-299-1639 (10:00am - 9:00pm)
Osaka: +81-(0)6-6949-3298 (10:00am - 8:00pm)

Tokyo: +81-(0)3-5275-3177 (7:00am - midnight)

Autumn Chestnut Pleasures

Super Mont Blanc

This year, SATSUKI’s heavenly Super Mont Blanc is enriched with Funabashiya’s Kuzumochi probiotics on top of stringently selected Japanese ingredients.

Super Mont Blanc ¥3,300
*Available from 9/1 (Sun)
Patisserie SATSUKI

スーパーモンブラン 断面図

(1) Sweet Chestnut Paste made with selected Japanese chestnuts in seasonal prime
(2) Almond Milk Cream
(3) Confit of Japanese Chestnuts from Kumamoto prefecture
(4) Soy Milk Kudzu Jelly with Kuzumochi probiotics
(5) White Soy Milk Ganache
(6) Kuromitsu (molasses) Bean Paste
(7) Tart base with Kuzumochi probiotics
(8) Natural "Hingya Sea Salt" from Aogashima Island

Matcha & Chestnut Mille Feuille

Luscious ten-layered Mille Feuille with delights as chestnut soy milk cream, “kuromitsu” (molasses) bean paste, white soy milk ganache and confit of Japanese chestnuts between New Otani’s legendary crispy pie crusts.

Matcha & Chestnut Mille Feuille  ¥2,000
*Available from 9/1 (Sun)
Patisserie SATSUKI

Chestnut Cream Puff

Roasted Japanese chestnuts, “kuromitsu” (molasses) bean paste, soy milk kudzu jelly with probiotics, and soy milk white ganache, are engulfed in chestnut whipped cream and sandwiched with choux pastry for a puffy, creamy delight.

Chestnut Cream Puff ¥1,200
*Available from 9/1 (Sun)
Patisserie SATSUKI

*Subject to tax.
*Also available as a dine-in item at Coffee Shop SATSUKI. (Subject to tax and service charge)

Patisserie SATSUKI 
Tokyo Makuhari Osaka
Tokyo: +81-(0)3-3221-7252 (11:00am - 9:00pm)
Makuhari: +81-(0)43-299-1639 (10:00am - 9:00pm)
Osaka: +81-(0)6-6949-3298 (10:00am - 8:00pm)

Selected Entrées of Delectation

New York Steak Lunch

Prime Angus Beef cooked to perfection, juicy in the middle with a crisp exterior, to be enjoyed with the restaurant’s original bread.

New York Steak Lunch ¥20,000 / 2 persons (¥10,000 per additional person)
*Available only in Tokyo
*For 2 persons or more


J-Cereal Black Fried Rice with Crab

Savory fried rice cooked with rich, flavorful Chinese soy sauce and fine crab meat.

J-Cereal Black Fried Rice with Crab ¥3,000

Soba Noodles with Matsutake Mushroom Tempura

Wholesome Soba noodles with rice flour-coated and crisply fried Tempura of aromatic Matsutake mushrooms.

Soba Noodles with Matsutake Mushroom Tempura ¥4,800
*Available until the end of October
mendokoro NAKAJIMA

*Subject to tax and service charge.

+81-(0)3-3238-0020 (noon - 2:00pm / 5:30pm - 9:00pm)
*until 2:30pm for lunch on weekends & holidays
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TAIKAN EN Tokyo Makuhari
Tokyo: +81-(0)3-3238-0030 (11:30am - 9:30pm)
Makuhari: +81-(0)43-299-1852 (11:30am - 2:30pm / 5:30pm - 9:00pm)
[NOC members] ♦50% OFF service charge ♦Free private room use (two hours)

mendokoro NAKAJIMA Tokyo Osaka
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