Environmental Preservation Measures of the Hotel New Otani Makuhari

Hotel New Otani Makuhari aims at coexisting of customer's safety, comfort, and consideration to the global environment.

Main Approaches to environmental problems of Hotel New Otani Makuhari.

1. Recycled water reuse system

This recycled water plant produces 120 m³ of recycled water daily from kitchen sewage, through a process of removing refuse from sewage water and degrading protein and oil contents with microorganisms. Recycled water is utilized as water for the lavatories and for the sprinkler in the garden.

2. Groundwater for drinking water

90% of drinking water is covered, supplied by groundwater. Groundwater can also be provided to guests in times of disaster. Approximately 450 m³ of drinking water is produced from this groundwater daily.

3. Temporary energy storage -"Steam Accumulator"

With the aim of reducing the consumption of natural gas and petroleum, used as fuels for heat sources, it transforms steam produced in the co-generation plant into hot water and temporarily stores it. When necessary, retransforms hot water back into steam to supply an appropriate amount of steam.

4. Ice storage created by using late-night power - Ice-Based Heat-Exchange Plant

The ice-based heat-exchange plant creates ice using late-night power. This ice is used for the daytime cooling system. By reducing electricity consumption, CO2 emission is also reduced. This leveling of electric power load helps reduce cost for the air-conditioning machinery.

5. Others

  • The use of energy-saving light bulbs and fluorescent light
  • Removal of disposable chopsticks from staff cafeteria
  • Training programs on environmental issues for employees

6. Agreement for global environmental protection with Chiba City

The Agreement for Global Environmental Protection with the city of Chiba has been signed in August of 2003. Under this Agreement, Hotel New Otani Makuhari will cooperate with the city of Chiba in the promotion of protection, and further creation of an environmentally friendly city. Effective and cyclical use of resources will be enhanced and a societal structure where such efforts can be maintained.