Safety Measures at Hotel New Otani Osaka

Temperature check
of on-duty staff

Frequent hand sanitization

Regular disinfection
of equlpment

Frequent handwashing
and gargling

Monitoring staff's
health conditions

Thank you for your patronage to Hotel New Otani Osaka.

We are taking every possible precaution, including efforts to ensure hygiene within the hotel. We hope to offer you a comfortable and pleasant experience while ensuring the safety of all our guests and employees.
We appreciate your kind understanding and cooperation.

The following are some of our efforts:

Efforts in the Restaurants

Regular disinfection
of high-touch surfaces such
as tabletops, chairs, menus,etc.

Requesting guests
to sanitize their hands
before entering the restaurant

washing of tableware

Additional installment
of air purifiers

Efforts in the banquet rooms

Temperature check
of on-duty staff

Placement of hand
sanitizer dispensers

of banquet rooms

Disinfection of high-touch
surfaces such
as tabletops, chairs, etc.

What Hotel New Otani Osaka can do for your well-being


Dining offerings to enhance your health and immune system

Hotel New Otani Osaka prides itself in providing its guests with the best dining experience, not only in terms of taste and quality, but also from the perspective of health. Our chefs often visit farmers and producers in person, seeking the best meat and vegetables to serve in our restaurants and banquets. “J-cereal” is our original multigrain mix, which was created as such an effort to pursue wellness in the food we offer, and is rich with proteins, dietary fibers, minerals, and vitamins. Enjoy Hotel New Otani’s wellness menus at our restaurants.

Please notify hotel staff immediately when you are not feeling well.

May we request that guests with accommodation bookings at Hotel New Otani Osaka who have been or plan to be outside of Japan within 14 days prior to their check-in date, please contact us at or +81-(0)6-6949-3232, as we have a few additional requirements.

Change in Restaurant Hours

Please note the following changes in the operation of our restaurants. Further changes, including temporary closures, may occur according to the circumstances.