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Spring 2000
Information to make your stays at fine New Otani hotels even more enjoyable


Hiroshige Suite Symbolizes New Otani at Its Best


The stylish living room is infused with the scent of cypress wood.

Drawing on its 35 years' experience, the Hotel New Otani Tokyo has created a new suite that combines not only elegance and convenience, but luxury and privacy as well.

Named after Ando Hiroshige, the Edo-era (1603-1868) ukiyo-e artist, the suite has been exquisitely designed and features Hiroshige's world famous woodblock prints.

Upon entering, the delicate fragrance of cypress wood and the soothing tones of healing music caress the senses. In the spacious living room, with its warm maple flooring, tastefully appointed furniture and state-of-the-art amenities coexist in perfect harmony. In the bedroom, no detail has been overlooked, from the choice of bed cushions to the luxuriant wool carpet underfoot.

Equally impressive is the superbly designed bathroom, where guests can enjoy the Tokyo skyline from the vantage point of their own private Jacuzzi -- just another way the Hiroshige Suite pampers guests who expect only the best.


Tiles printed with the works of Edo-era artist Ando Hiroshige decorate the bathroom.


No expense has been spared to turn the bedroom into a haven of comfort.

North West AirlinesNew Otani Offers
Double WorldPerks Bonus Miles

Stay in any of the New Otani Group Hotels and earn Double WorldPerks Bonus Miles (1,000 instead of 500). This offer is valid through June 30, 2000.


An artist's rendition of the newly opened New Otani Club Center in Osaka.

Osaka Castle, one of the city's best known landmarks, can be seen from the hotel.

New Otani Club Center Opens in Osaka

The Hotel New Otani Osaka now joins the Hotel New Otani Tokyo in having its very own New Otani Club Center. The center opened March 1 and means much improved service for members when they visit Osaka. With a front counter for the exclusive use of members, an attractive interior styled like a lounge, and dedicated staff, the newly opened center has a relaxed, high-class ambience in keeping with the image of one of the world's leading hotel membership clubs.

Services provided by the center include:

  • Check-in, checkout
  • Restaurant information and reservations
  • Membership applications, membership changes, assistance with lost cards
  • Information and reservations for New Otani Group Hotels worldwide

Osaka Invites NOC Members to Make Reservations Online

Hotel New Otani Osaka Online Reservation Center

With the new online reservations system, booking a room is easy at the Hotel New Otani Osaka.

Next time you plan a stay at the Hotel New Otani Osaka, consider using our new Internet Direct Reservations System.

Online reservations can be made up to 180 days prior to your intended stay right up to the day before you plan to check in. As the number of rooms is limited on a daily basis, reservations may not always be available and rates are subject to seasonal changes. (Note, too, that online reservations do not include the complimentary buffet breakfast that normally accompanies New Otani Club reservations.)

When using the service for the first time, you will need to fill out a membership profile. Thereafter, all you require is a registered e-mail account to make instant reservations online.

For reservations and information, please visit our website:



The Deluxe Twin Room offers exceptional comfort -- and there's a great view of Tokyo Bay, too.

Makuhari Bay City Plan 2000 Offers Excellent Value

Whether for business or pleasure, take advantage of the Makuhari Bay City Plan 2000, which offers Deluxe Rooms and Junior Suite Rooms at the Hotel New Otani Makuhari at special rates for NOC members.

Conveniently located for sightseeing and directly connected to Makuhari Messe, one of the largest convention complexes in Japan, the Hotel New Otani Makuhari is just 20 kilometers (approximately 12 miles) from Tokyo on the way to New Tokyo International Airport at Narita. Tastefully designed for executive business travelers, guest rooms are equipped with a fax and an extra phone line for personal computer use. Deluxe and suite rooms enjoy a commanding view of Tokyo Bay.

Room type Bay City Plan rate Normal rate
Deluxe Room
(single occupancy)
From JPY19,800 (40% off) From JPY33,000
Deluxe Room
(double occupancy)
From JPY22,800 (40% off) From JPY38,000
Junior Suite Room
(single or double occupancy)
From JPY30,000 (50% off) From JPY60,000

(Rates include breakfast but are exclusive of tax and service charge. When making reservations, please specify the Makuhari Bay City Plan. Further details are available upon request.)

[Makuhari Bay City Plan 2000]
Offer valid through May 6, 2000 (an additional JPY3,000 will be charged on the following days: April 29, May 3-5)



With scenery like this, NOC members will need little persuading to visit Hawaii.

Spring in Hawaii Means Chocolates and Jacuzzis

On the secluded end of Waikiki at the foot of Diamond Head, the New Otani Kaimana Beach Hotel is the perfect place for a spring vacation getaway. On the front doorstep is Kapiolani Park, with access to jogging, cycling, tennis and golf. At back is San Souci, the beach beloved of Treasure Island author Robert Louis Stevenson for its "lovely scenery, pure air, clear sea water and heavenly sunsets."

To entice NOC members to this delightful setting, the hotel is offering an exclusive 30% discount on its spacious top-floor suite rooms.

The stylishly decorated suites come with a choice of stunning views, all of which can be enjoyed from the comfort of a Jacuzzi.

Just to make its offer even sweeter, the hotel is presenting NOC members with a gift of assorted chocolates when they check in.

[Spring Suite Plan] Valid through June 30, 2000

Room type Suite Plan rate Normal rate
Otani Suite $252 $360
Queen Kapiolani Suite $270 $385
Robert Louis Stevenson Suite $287 $410
Waikiki Suite $340 $485
Pacific Suite $455 $650

Welcome to The New Otani


Hotel New Otani Hakata Gears Up for Kyushu-Okinawa Summit 2000

The Hotel New Otani Hakata has been chosen as one of the hotels to accommodate delegates attending the Meeting of Finance Ministers to be held on July 8 as part of the Kyushu-Okinawa Summit 2000.

Located in Fukuoka city in Kyushu, the southern island of Japan, the Hotel New Otani Hakata is no stranger to VIPs. It has plenty of experience hosting international conferences and conventions, and has long been the hotel of choice for members of Japan's Imperial Family when they visit the region.

Hotel New Otani Hakata(Fukuoka-City)

The Hotel New Otani Hakata looks forward to welcoming its important guests, and will call on all its experience to ensure their stay is a productive and pleasant one.

Participating will be the G7 Finance Ministers from Japan, France, the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, Italy and Canada, who will meet at the Fukuoka City Museum.

The Kyushu-Okinawa Summit runs from July 8 to July 23. In addition to the Meeting of Finance Ministers, the Meeting of Foreign Ministers takes place July 12-13 at Miyazaki, also in Kyushu, followed by the Meeting of Heads of State and Government set for July 21-23 in Nago City, Okinawa.

Hospitality Japanesque - 5

The Japanese Rite of Spring


Hanami, or cherry-blossom viewing, is one of the most enjoyable activities in the Japanese calendar and can be experienced in March and April, depending on the location.

Spring in Japan is synonymous with cherry blossom. Beginning in the southern part of the country, delicate pink petals burst forth in glorious profusion, then the cherry-blossom front moves steadily north as the mercury rises. Around the country, friends and colleagues gather under the branches to indulge in Japan's best loved pastime -- hanami, or cherry-blossom viewing.

The short-lived sakura (cherry blossom) has a special place in the Japanese psyche because it serves as a metaphor for the ephemeral nature of human existence. The cherry blossoms are often compared to the life of the samurai warriors of old: here for a glorious instant, then gone with the wind. Impermanence, indeed, is a deep-rooted sentiment in traditional Japanese culture, and no better symbolized than by the cherry blossoms, whose beauty is the more poignant because it does not last.

All of which is to say, should your stay coincide with the blossoms in full bloom, make the most of the opportunity. Several excellent spots for hanami are in the vicinity of the Hotel New Otani Tokyo, and you will see a side of Japan that once witnessed is never forgotten. Take a stroll toward Sophia University, for example, and you may find yourself invited to join in the fun. For, as the saying goes, there are no strangers under the cherry blossoms.

The New Otani Eco-commitment - 5

Ice-cooling System Reduces Environmental Burden


The hotel's highly efficient ice-based cooling system produces ice during periods of off-peak power usage. During the day the ice is melted and used to cool the building.

In the heat of summer, power companies need to use large amounts of fossil fuel to meet energy demand at peak consumption times during the day. However, burning fossil fuel produces carbon dioxide, which accelerates global warming.

Since 1995, the Hotel New Otani Tokyo has focused on off-peak power consumption, when less fossil fuel is used, to reduce the impact of its activities on the environment while keeping guests comfortable. During the night, the hotel creates ice used to supply its daytime cooling system, which works on the principle of ice-based heat exchange. Following a second stage of work on the system in 1998, the level of energy conservation has improved even more.

Together with the water-based heat exchange plant developed in 1997, 20% of the energy needed for cooling the hotel at peak times can now be generated overnight.

The New Otani Club Information

Eat and Drink for Less as an NOC Member

Among the most popular features of NOC membership are the waived service charges and special discounts applicable at selected restaurants and bars throughout the New Otani Group. Members are entitled to these privileges just by showing their membership card, and needn't be staying at the hotel at the time. Please be aware, however, that privileges do not apply to room service, breakfast, special menus and parties.

No service charge: Charges are waived for members at designated restaurants and bars

No cover charge: Charges are waived for members at designated restaurants and bars

Restaurant/bar discounts: Members receive lunch/dinner discounts at designated restaurants and bars

Discounts on Private Functions
Meanwhile, at New Otani Hotels in Tokyo, Makuhari and Kobe, restaurants are now waiving private room charges for NOC members. If you are planning a party or other function, consider taking advantage of this exceptional opportunity.

Remember — Carry Your Card
In order to take advantage of these privileges, please remember to have your NOC card with you at all times. Otherwise, you will miss out on one of the great benefits of being a member.


The Italian restaurant Belle Vue at the Hotel New Otani Tokyo is just one of many fine dining locations where special privileges for NOC members apply.

NOC Members Enjoy Many Special Privileges

In addition to the benefits just listed, there are many other perks to being a member. If you're not a member already consider joining the New Otani Club today. If you are, tell a friend or colleague about the wonderful privileges they can enjoy.

  • Top priority for room reservations
  • Special discounted room rates for members and their guests
  • Express check-in
  • Complimentary breakfast
  • Wedding arrangements with discounts for members and those they introduce
  • Late checkout service

Join The New Otani Club.